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 backBuffer, OpenLayers.Layer.Grid
 backBufferLonLat, OpenLayers.Layer.Grid
 backBufferResolution, OpenLayers.Layer.Grid
 backBufferTimerId, OpenLayers.Layer.Grid
 BACKGROUND_ID_SUFFIX, OpenLayers.Renderer.Elements
 backgroundColor, OpenLayers.Popup
 base, OpenLayers.Control.Permalink
 baseLayer, OpenLayers.Map
 baseLayerDraw, OpenLayers.Control.OverviewMap
 baseLayers, OpenLayers.Control.LayerSwitcher
 baseLayersDiv, OpenLayers.Control.LayerSwitcher
 BBOX, OpenLayers.Strategy.BBOX.OpenLayers.Strategy
 beforeSelectFeature, OpenLayers.Control.ModifyFeature
 Bing, OpenLayers.Layer.Bing.OpenLayers.Layer
 blankImageUrl, OpenLayers.Tile.Image
 blocks, OpenLayers.Popup.Framed
 boolean, OpenLayers.Format.JSON.serialize
 border, OpenLayers.Popup
 bottom, OpenLayers.Bounds
 bottomInUnits, OpenLayers.Control.ScaleLine
 bottomOutUnits, OpenLayers.Control.ScaleLine
 Bounds, OpenLayers.Bounds.OpenLayers
 boxDivClassName, OpenLayers.Handler.Box
 Boxes, OpenLayers.Layer.Boxes.OpenLayers.Layer
 boxOffsets, OpenLayers.Handler.Box
 BROWSER_EVENTS, OpenLayers.Events
 buffer, OpenLayers.Layer.Grid
 buildContentNode, OpenLayers.Format.Atom
 buildEntryNode, OpenLayers.Format.Atom
 buildExtendedData, OpenLayers.Format.KML
 buildFeatureNode, OpenLayers.Format.GPX
 buildMetadataNode, OpenLayers.Format.GPX
 buildPersonConstructNode, OpenLayers.Format.Atom
 buildRequestOptions, OpenLayers.Control.WMTSGetFeatureInfo
 buildTrkPtNode, OpenLayers.Format.GPX
 buildTrkSegNode, OpenLayers.Format.GPX
 buildWMSOptions, OpenLayers.Control.WMSGetFeatureInfo
 buildWptNode, OpenLayers.Format.GPX
 buttonclick, OpenLayers.Events.buttonclick.OpenLayers.Events
 buttonClick, OpenLayers.Events.buttonclick
 buttonClicked, OpenLayers.Control.MouseToolbar
 buttonDown, OpenLayers.Control.MouseToolbar
 buttonUp, OpenLayers.Control.MouseToolbar
{DOMElement} The back buffer.
{Object} The top-left corner of the current back buffer.
{Number} The resolution of the current back buffer.
{Number} The id of the back buffer timer.
{String} the background color used by the popup.
Instances of this class are not created directly.
{OpenLayers.Layer} The currently selected base layer.
baseLayerDraw: function()
Create a new BBOX strategy.
beforeSelectFeature: function(feature)
Called before a feature is selected.
begin: function()
Begins the dragging.
{Object} Values to start the animation with
{Boolean} If true, map center will be set on location update.
bind: function(func,
Bind a function to an object.
bindAsEventListener: function(func,
Bind a function to an object, and configure it to receive the event object as first parameter when called.
Create a new Bing layer.
{String} Using a data scheme url is not supported by all browsers, but we don’t care because we either set it as css backgroundImage, or the image’s display style is set to “none” when we use it.
{Array[Object]} Array of objects, each of which is one “block” of the popup.
Transform a boolean into a JSON string.
{String} the border size of the popup.
{Number} Minimum vertical coordinate.
{String} Units for zoomed in on bottom bar.
{String} Units for zoomed out on bottom bar.
{OpenLayers.Bounds} The box bounding that feature’s geometry, that property can be set by an OpenLayers.Format object when deserializing the feature, so in most cases it represents an information set by the server.
Given an OpenLayers bounds, create a GML box.
{OpenLayers.Bounds} The bounds of this geometry
{OpenLayers.Bounds} The current data bounds (in the same projection as the layer - not always the same projection as the map).
{OpenLayers.Bounds} null
Construct a new bounds object.
{Boolean} Allow feature selection by drawing a box.
{Boolean} Allow feature selection by drawing a box.
{OpenLayers.Feature.Vector} The transformation box rectangle.
Convert a coordinate array from GeoJSON into an OpenLayers.Geometry.
Given a GML node representing a box geometry, create an OpenLayers.Bounds.
{String} The CSS class to use for drawing the box.
{Object} Caches box offsets from css.
{Array(String)} supported events
{String} A substring of the navigator.userAgent property.
{Integer} Used only when in gridded mode, this specifies the number of extra rows and colums of tiles on each side which will surround the minimum grid tiles to cover the map.
buildContentNode: function(content)
buildCoordinatesNode: function(geometry)
builds the coordinates XmlNode
buildCoordinates: function(point)
buildCoordinatesNode: function(geometry)
buildCoordinatesNode: function(geometry)
Builds and returns the KML coordinates node with the given geometry coordinates...</coordinates>
buildEntryNode: function(feature)
Build an Atom entry node from a feature object.
buildExtendedData: function(attributes)
buildFeatureNode: function(feature)
Accepts an OpenLayers.Feature.Vector, and builds a node for it.
Object containing methods to do the actual geometry node building based on geometry type.
Object containing methods to do the actual geometry node building based on geometry type.
buildGeometryNode: function(geometry)
builds a GeoRSS node with a given geometry
buildGeometryNode: function(geometry)
builds a GeoRSS node with a given geometry
buildGeometryNode: function(geometry)
buildGeometryNode: function(geometry)
Builds and returns a KML geometry node with the given geometry.
buildMetadataNode: function(metadata)
Creates a “metadata” node.
buildPersonConstructNode: function(name,
buildRequestOptions: function(layer,
Build an object with the relevant options for the GetFeatureInfo request.
buildTrkPtNode: function(point)
Builds a trkpt node given a point
buildTrkSegNode: function(geometry)
Builds trkseg node(s) given a geometry
buildWMSOptions: function(url,
Build an object with the relevant WMS options for the GetFeatureInfo request
buildWptNode: function(geometry)
Builds a wpt node given a point
Construct a buttonclick event type.
buttonClick: function(evt)
Check if a button was clicked, and fire the buttonclick event
buttonDown: function(evt)
{Array(DOMElement)} Array of Button Divs
buttonUp: function(evt)